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General / Damn Nostalgia...
« on: August 10, 2010, 08:43:49 pm »
Makin' me come back to/attempt to recreate shit from the past.

...Aaaannnndddd Ima go look back at all my posts here because I'm fucking nostalgic...again.

Segregation / How bout them bears.
« on: April 01, 2009, 09:19:24 pm »
Not the football team, the giant tanks with fur that maul you. Who else thinks they're jerks?

Segregation / Wow, did this place finally die?
« on: May 07, 2008, 09:07:10 pm »
Geez, it's like a ghost town, and not the cool ones that people still live in, only they're scared shitless of some badass outlaw, and hardly leave their homes, but the morbid ones, where nobody lives, and the buildings are slowly falling apart, and it smells like rotting wood.

General / Flee in terror, for I have returned!
« on: April 09, 2006, 02:09:50 am »
That's right, I'm posting again. My e-life was too boring and normal without this place. I crave the random insanity, and fish tacos this forum provides.

General / Mass suicide of braincells.
« on: January 22, 2006, 09:32:10 pm »

At least one hundred of my braincells committed suicide earlier today after I read this thread. It was one agonizing death after the other. I could hear their screams of anguish.

General / The little n00b came whining to me.
« on: December 18, 2005, 09:52:22 pm »
This is just too funny for words.

 MegaKevinEXE [9:27 P.M.]:  ...
 XZERO22XX [9:27 P.M.]:  What the fuck do you want?
 MegaKevinEXE signed off at 9:27 P.M.
 MegaKevinEXE signed on at 9:27 P.M.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:28 P.M.]:  I'm getting tired of you...
 XZERO22XX [9:28 P.M.]:  I'm tired of you being a complete idiot.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:28 P.M.]:  it's you being the idiot
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  you're the one insulting me
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  why can't you accept people for who they are?
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  so, i'm a complete idiot
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  so what?
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  calvat is random
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  NMX is... evil...
 MegaKevinEXE [9:29 P.M.]:  and everyone else is their own person
 XZERO22XX [9:30 P.M.]:  Over half the active members at TPH think you're an idiot. You're the one calling me a fucking lowlife.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:30 P.M.]:  taht's because they're saying they agree, but they don't
 MegaKevinEXE [9:30 P.M.]:  people like u need a life
 MegaKevinEXE [9:31 P.M.]:  many people have problems
 XZERO22XX [9:31 P.M.]:  Wrong, you little wanker. I have a life, a job, and many real life friends. You have neither.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:31 P.M.]:  Nobody doesn't have to be perfect
 MegaKevinEXE [9:32 P.M.]:  we're all wierd people
 XZERO22XX [9:32 P.M.]:  You're nowhere near being decent.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:32 P.M.]:  so what then?
 MegaKevinEXE [9:32 P.M.]:  at least I wouldn't be banned for that
 MegaKevinEXE [9:32 P.M.]:  you should be banned for arguing other members
 MegaKevinEXE [9:33 P.M.]:  flame wars are against the rules
 MegaKevinEXE [9:33 P.M.]:  and everybody keeps breaking that rule!
 XZERO22XX [9:33 P.M.]:  You started a topic just to flame someone. You should have been banned for that.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:33 P.M.]:  flaming wasn't the point
 MegaKevinEXE [9:34 P.M.]:  I don't see why u guys don't have a sense of humor
 XZERO22XX [9:34 P.M.]:  Bullshit.
 XZERO22XX [9:34 P.M.]:  We have a sense of humor, you're just a fucking retard.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:34 P.M.]:  i'm tired of you guys arguing with me!
 XZERO22XX [9:35 P.M.]:  I'm tired of you being a complete douchebag.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:35 P.M.]:  oh well then!
 MegaKevinEXE [9:35 P.M.]:  get it through your head, then
 XZERO22XX [9:35 P.M.]:  I could say the same to you, dipshit.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:36 P.M.]:  >:Oarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh
 XZERO22XX [9:36 P.M.]:  It seems I've pissed the little whiner off. Boo. Fucking. Hoo.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:37 P.M.]:  .................
 MegaKevinEXE [9:37 P.M.]:  i'm afraid so then
 MegaKevinEXE [9:37 P.M.]:  :-(
 XZERO22XX [9:37 P.M.]:  You're a fucking pussy.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:38 P.M.]:  I guess so then
 XZERO22XX [9:38 P.M.]:  No lame comebacks? I'm shocked!
 MegaKevinEXE [9:39 P.M.]:  yep, I'm broke...
 XZERO22XX [9:40 P.M.]:  Good, maybe you'll shut the fuck up then.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:40 P.M.]:  *sigh*.....
 MegaKevinEXE [9:40 P.M.]:  just, leave me alone...
 MegaKevinEXE [9:40 P.M.]:  :-(
 XZERO22XX [9:41 P.M.]:  You contacted me, asswipe.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:42 P.M.]:  to end this fight once and for all
 XZERO22XX [9:42 P.M.]:  Shocked by your own stupidity?
 XZERO22XX [9:43 P.M.]:  It will never end. I'll always think of you as a complete idiot.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:43 P.M.]:  I don't know...
 MegaKevinEXE [9:44 P.M.]:  oh great...
 MegaKevinEXE [9:44 P.M.]:  but that's where you're wrong.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:44 P.M.]:  people can learn from their mistakes
 MegaKevinEXE [9:44 P.M.]:  you just don't give them a chance
 XZERO22XX [9:45 P.M.]:  Nope. You will remain an idiot in my book, and many others as well.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:45 P.M.]:  well, that's where your book is wrong.
 XZERO22XX [9:45 P.M.]:  My book is never wrong, fucktard.
 XZERO22XX [9:45 P.M.]:  Once an idiot, always an idiot.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:46 P.M.]:  Everybody loved me. I thought I made the best friends!
 XZERO22XX [9:46 P.M.]:  You were wrong.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:46 P.M.]:  but now you'all are fighting with me..
 XZERO22XX [9:46 P.M.]:  You are an idiot.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:47 P.M.]:  :'( ...........
 XZERO22XX [9:47 P.M.]:  Boohoo, I could careless, you whiny little asshole.
 MegaKevinEXE [9:48 P.M.]:  you.............. you..........................
 XZERO22XX [9:48 P.M.]:  Fucking Lowlife?
 MegaKevinEXE [9:49 P.M.]:  YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH ASS PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 MegaKevinEXE [9:49 P.M.]:  BURN IN HELL!!!!!!

General / Some much needed advertising.
« on: December 18, 2005, 08:53:20 pm »
Yes, I know my forum has already been advertised here, but instead of reviving a two month old topic, I'll just make a new thread. We only have sixteen members, and really need some more non staff members. We need more active members. If I don't at least one new member by the end of the month, then I may close the forum.

General / Bandwagon, ho!
« on: November 23, 2005, 01:12:30 pm »
I have jumped on the mustachioed bandwandwagon. I killed a good ten seconds doing so.

General / !@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*
« on: November 21, 2005, 08:35:56 pm »

Some fucking dipshit joined my forum, just to spam it with goatse! I couldn't delete the single posts, either. It always redirected me. The solution? Delete every thread they posted in. I couldn't even tell this little bastard off because of the redirects!


General Games / 2d or 3D?
« on: November 02, 2005, 05:06:48 pm »
While reading a topic in the General forum, this idea for a topic hit me. Now I know a new topic from me is a rare site, and I aim to remedy that starting now.

I love the Sonic Adventure games, and Sonic Heroes was pretty damn good, but as much as I love the Blue Blur's 3D adventures, I love the old 2D Sonic games ten times more. My first encounter with the spikey speedemon was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and I've been a huge fan ever since. As time went by, I only became an even bigger fan. I was as skeptical as the next person about Sonic Adventure, but I was blown away yet again. With the next-gen consoles on the horizion, and a new Sonic game in the making, I can't help but wonder how many people still play the classics.

General / I thought you all could use a good laugh.
« on: September 25, 2005, 05:57:43 pm »
endtype9:    Be nice or get hacked or have a virus
endtype9:    u decide
endtype9:    wouldn't want to get banned would u
jehuty326:    You can't hack worth shit
endtype9:    i will tell the admin...
endtype9:    who i know...
endtype9:    related

I fell off my chair laughing.

General / I would say something awe inspiring, but...
« on: July 13, 2005, 07:56:25 pm »
I'm drained right now. I've been in zombie mode, playing Metroid, without sleep for the past two days. I'm no n00b when it comes to common sense on a forum, and never have been. I also tend to create corny intro topics when I join a forum, and this one's no different.

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