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General Games / Re: So if you haven't heard yet, Brawl got delayed.
« on: December 04, 2007, 02:58:33 am »
but with brawl that is truely the case
every time they delay the date they add more things to the game
frankly right now the game is more popular then halo 3 *which was a HUUUGE disappointment* and Nintendo isnt even advertising it yet
if you check the site Smash Dojo im sure youll aggree that they are doing wonders for an already amazing game
as if they couldnt perfect it more they just keep going... this one is gonna be hard if not impossible to surpass
.... the only thing thats missing is Megaman as a playable character...

General Games / Re: What are you playing?
« on: December 04, 2007, 02:54:23 am »
oh jeez what a question for me... *takes in a huuuge breath*
games ive beaten recently
super mario galaxy
metriod prime 3
metroid fusion 100% 2:14 hours *tryin for under 2 for best screen*
megaman zx
megaman zx advent
megaman starforce *best PA does over 1600 damage if done right*
megaman battle network 6 falzar
LoZ phantom hourglass *7 more ship parts till 100%*

games ive beaten in megaman series
megaman 1-8
megaman and bass
megaman X 1-3 5,6 *still workin on 4*
megaman battle network *100%*
megaman battle network 3 blue
megaman battle network 5 double team DS *both 100%*

metroid prime 3 hard mode
100% super mario galaxy
100% under 2 hours metriod fusion
expert mode megaman zx advent
mario and sonic at the olympics
guitar hero 3 *workin through normal mode cuz i suck at it*

*is out of breath*
ok so yeah thats where im at with current games

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