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I was just wondering, has the MMX Command Mission soundtrack been uploaded yet? I found it from a link somebody posted in a different topic. I changed the bitrate to 160 for space reasons. But if nobody else has done it yet, I'd be willing to upload it. I could also redownload it and upload it in its original bitrate too, which I think is like 192 VBR or somewhere around there.

As for the soundtrack itself, it does have its share of a few good tracks in my opinion. "Standby Zero" is probably one of the best. Other personal favorites for me include "Dark Dance of Ice River", "Epsilon's 1st (and 2nd) Movement" and "Energy of the Unknown".

Anyways, let me know. Later.

if it's just a copy of something on another site, i could just make a sticky to that site here.

There's a folder at this site for MMX Command Mission, and then another one of Rockman X Command Mission. The latter seems better organized and of better quality, so that's the one I have.

Here's the site:

Good ol' Tim strikes again. =D

*very long silence* So...want me to upload it?


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