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Is there any chance of someone (neotheone, maybe) to do super smash bros for N64 music? I know there's a couple in the SSBM section, but it lacks my favorite one (brinstar, in particular)

Super Smash Brothers is virtually impossible to line-in record.  Even more impossible than recording Rockman and Forte.  You can't turn off sound effects, the start of every game has 3, 2, 1 go and applause, and although I could borrow a friend's SSB, I don't actually own the cartridge.  And filtering out the teleport sound in R&F was bad enough for Protoman.  Filtering out a bunch of COMMOTION would never work...

If you REALLY want the song, check here

There must've been an OST released somewhere, because I was able to find around 7 or so MP3s of SSB from Limewire.

There was an OST.  It wasn't complete though, and included as compensation four "club" remixes that weren't very good.  I don't deem the SSB OST to be worthy of me uploading though ;)  Someone else will have to do that...

What do you mean you can't record SSB music? There is a sound test you know. ;) I really want Metal Marios Stage music, No.39 in the list. XD


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