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Here's something that caught my eye...

When Mega Man said "This isn't a video game you're playing!" in the episode 'Ice Age', it got me to thinking...

There are many video games out there from and for Mega Man...

But what if someone were to make one that was TRUE to the TV series?

Y'know:  Mega Man and everyone else would be all buff, and you could attempt to grab the other robots' weapons, and Roll would provide side assistance, and you could call on Rush in any one of his vehicle forms, no matter what the know, that sorta thing.

I'll be attending a school for 3D game-making soon. I was thinking that it would be awesome if I could make a game where you play as buff Mega Man in his realm, battling the evil Dr. Wily's robots in places from the show, like Kennedy International Airport, and Robosaurus Park, all while re-enacting events from each of the episodes.

That would SO rock, man. (Rock man HAH!!) :lol:

What do you guys think?

Mr. Fortune Cookie:
New video games never hurt. lol. Seriously, sounds pretty interesting. I would like to hear the results

 8) : Someone poured paint all over my glasses

Byte Man Zero:
*anime headrub* Where's Yami when we need him?

Seriously, not a bad idea, but it takes more than one person to make such a game, and if you tried it yourself, it'd probably take years.

And dude, that joke was lame.  It was lame even well before I did it here.

Oh, and double-posting here is the quickest way to piss off the mods and admins here, not to mention get banned.  Watch yourself, and learn the edit button.

CJMErl / Yami CJMErl:

--- Quote from: "Byte Man" ---*anime headrub* Where's Yami when we need him?
--- End quote ---

You rang?  *SHOT*

Bad boys. >=(


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