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Is there a way to read Overwing's comic through a scrolling window instead of scaling it all down? It's kinda annoying to read it that way.

Thanks in advance.

weird ... what browser are you using?

Plain internet explorer, and my resolution is pretty high. I can fit all of the forum (horizontally) in one page. Higher than my school computers. (I'd use arachne, the DOS internet explorer, but my old 14.4 modem for my old dos computer is way too slow to load anything.)

hmm. not sure i see what you mean. you can resize the comix windows if you like (early complaints about the new layout necessitated that), and you can see that the images (at least on my pc) don't change size even if the window is too small for them. i guess what seemed like a huge version of each comic page in 2000 doesn't seem so big today. sorry about that if it's hard to read or whatever.

By default, IE shrinks images down to the size of the window. Check the options to turn it off.


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