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whoa, okay. that kind of sucks. i wonder if there's some meta tag i can use to turn that off or something.

thanks bladegash. That tip helps a bit.
Protoman, is there a way for it to open a new window that scrolls? so I can see it in full clarity and just scroll down for the rest of the comic?

Thanks in advance if you do.

i don't understand; the window should have a scroll bar. what comic are you looking at specifically?

To disable it in IE, go to Tools > Internet Options, Click the 'Advanced' tab > then scroll down to the 'Multimedia' section and uncheck 'Enable Automatic Image Resizing.' That should do the trick.

I'll explain in more detail here.
I load overwings first comic/titlepage thing, and it opens a new window. At the bottom, which isn't visible without moving the window to the very top. I can't scroll at all, so in order to see all of it I have to shrink the window down, making most text illegible.
My question is how to make the pop-up window a scrolling one?

Thanks in advance.


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