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Unreleased episode????


Back in 1997-ish, There was this MM page called Eddie's Mega Man Page or something (don't remember the name, it was long ago), and it had pictures of an unreleased episode where Protoman decided to help Mega Man stop Dr. Wily, and then it showed another screenshot, and I don't remember the caption, but I think it was something like "Wily's fortress is destroyed, but where's Protoman?". Does anybody know what I'm talking about?


GASP! Protoman was right here the whole time!


--- Quote from: "protoman" ---this?
--- End quote ---

No, it was in the same style as the rest of the episodes.


Im curious. I'd kill to see some unreleased episodes of MM.

I'd still like to see the OVA's although, everyone says their a little more cheesier.


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