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Megaman OAVs...just a Japanese culture promotion?


While it is pretty obvious that the main goal of the Megaman/Rockman OAVs recently released on a fabulous DVD by ADV is to educate westerners and maybe even some Japanese kids about the culture within the tiny island, I think there are some interesting traces to be found.   And interestingly enough, these traces are connected to the Cartoons discussed in this forum!

First off, the whole Ocean Group does the English dub so, there's the obvious connection between this and the Ruby Spears thing (also listen to Terry Klassen's Rush...Krillin flashbacks for me.) You've got Scott McNeil as Dr. Wily and Dr. Light reprising his role.

Then you check out the credits, and see that Mr. Ruby and Mr. Spears actually WERE involved...and so were several musicians/producers/and other assorted players!

Not to mention that if you look really close you'll notice that many shots are done in the same fashion as the TV series, especially in the 3rd part where Megaman holds his buster by his face. The camera zooms out as he puts his arm behind his back, and then he finally grasps his buster and fires, a shot that is seen repeated many times in the cartoon series.

If you ask me, besides being an "educational" program, this OAV was the Megaman pilot!

(Not to mention it's fun to think that this is actually the "prequel" to the TV show.)_________________Bye-ly!
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Huh, I didn't know Ocean Group dubbed that movie.  I really need to see that some time.  Does Ian James Corlett voice Mega Man?

CJMErl / Yami CJMErl:
I knew all of that.

(hint: Wikipedia does wonders to one's gaming intelligence.)

I didn't know KruKyH_O was a bot. *points to bottom of post*

Scott McNeil was NOT Dr. Light. It was the guy who did the voice of Inferno in Transformers Beast Wars.

CJMErl / Yami CJMErl:
"Destroyer of my colony!  You will BURRRRRRRRRRRN!"

Ah, Inferno.  Ever the lovable badass.


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