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i regret to inform you that tph is not quite dead yet

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welcome back to tph!

turns out someone didn't like me showing yall the cartoons.

so we'll have to do without those from now on. (though i find it kind of funny ... i've been streaming them since 2003, and they've been available on dvd almost as long; you'd think they could have come for me a bit earlier!)

yes, i realize the rest of the site isn't back yet. it will be soon!

enjoy the new forum! simple machines ftw!

I was worried TPH was gone for good for a while here.

This new layout's gonna take some gettin' used to.

sorry about the sigs. the converter is retarded. just add the first character again and should be back to normal.

Weird thing is that I can't even get into the profile menu.

what is it doing to you?


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