Author Topic: F-Zero SNES music question  (Read 5248 times)


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F-Zero SNES music question
« on: July 12, 2007, 09:31:00 am »
So... who composed the music for F-Zero on SNES? Anyone with previous credits composing music for games?

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Re: F-Zero SNES music question
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2007, 03:22:10 pm »
Mm... I think it was Yukio Kaneoka, which, according to Wikipedia, also worked on  Donkey Kong Junior, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Mario Tennis, and Mario Hoops 3-on-3. The OST is credited to Yumiko Kanki, and Naoto Ishida.
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