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The cartoons... have they been removed? Sorry, but I'm a newbie, although I did watch a few episodes at this site about a year ago. There was a link to the cartoons at the index site, so what the heck?

I'll buy the DVD's if they're not here anymore... But I used Google and everything but this site doesn't look like it has them anymore. I'm a bit busy at the moment so I could have missed something.

The cartoon's been removed for a few months now, there's a topic about it somewhere.

You can probably find the DVDs on eBay, as they've been out of production for about 4 years now, and nearly impossible to find in stores.

However, there's probably torrents of the whole series somewhere.  I've never bothered checking, though.

Ok, thanks for clarification.

Offtopic: I'll be making some guitar remixes of Megaman songs with my band in the near future. I'll post some links when we've got something ready to publish. Sooner or later, but I guarantee it will be something unusual to the standard rock remixes you hear around the web.

What was the official reason for removing them anyway? Bandwith issues? Legal issues?


old host got a cease and desist and wiped tph like shit from their ass.


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