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Minor MMX Rip Requests


I don't know if this is still allowed, but here goes:

I'm looking for just a few rips from some of the Mega Man X games. They're all pretty much the Capcom logo fanfares that play just before the title screen in X3 (PS/Saturn version), X4, X5, and X6.

The last one I'm looking for is a rip of the staff credit theme from X7 called "Lazy Mind." I'm not looking for the one from the OST, though, since it has a whole bunch of lyrics in it that were not in the actual game (even the "karaoke" version still has a few singing parts left in, unfortunately). I was just hoping someone could rip that from the game's staff credits itself.

I was told that neothe0ne is who to ask for PlayStation rips, but I noticed on his profile that he hasn't been on since June. So I'm pretty much asking whoever is willing to oblige me.  ;)


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