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FMV musical rips?
« on: November 28, 2007, 08:54:06 pm »
I know numerous Mega Man games (MM8, X4, etc.) have FMV's in them. Is it possible to rip just the background music from those FMV's without taking all the voice dialogue and sound effects with it? In the case of some games (e.g. X3, X4, X7) it's not an issue since Capcom released OST's for those that gave us just the FMV music, none of the rest of the clutter. I was chagrined, however, to see that they completely left the FMV's out of the X8 OST, since that game arguably has the best FMV music. (Indeed, it's some of the best music in the game.) So I'm wondering if it's at all possible to rip FMV music without anything else in it, just the BGM? If so, here's a list of all the FMV musics I could think of that I'm lacking (and I'm sure others are too):

- X8: Prologue (Orbital Elevator accident)
- X8: Prologue (X meets Lumine)
- X8: Sigma's transmission to Maverick Hunter HQ (I think this happens after defeating the 8th and final Maverick stage.)
- X8: Lumine confronts the Maverick Hunters after Sigma's death
- X8: Speech about going "maverick at will" between the two Lumine battles
- X8: Epilogue (Maverick Hunter HQ contacts concerning Axl's injury)
- X8: Epilogue (X/Zero's individual endings--it's the same music for both)
- X8: Epilogue (pondering questions of evolution on the elevator ride down)
- X8: Epilogue (Axl's mysterious ending--I think there's BGM in there, it's hard to tell)

- MHX (i.e. Maverick Hunter X): Opening Demo
- MHX: X's Prologue (Sigma's apparent attack on the city)
- MHX: Vile's Prologue (Sigma releases Vile from prison)
- MHX: X's Ending (Dr. Light's message and staff credits)
- MHX: Vile's Ending (getting pwned by X and Zero)
- MHX: Day of Sigma 1 - Going Beserk
- MHX: Day of Sigma 2 - Hunter Base
- MHX: Day of Sigma 3 - Investigation
- MHX: Day of Sigma 4 - Missile Base

- MM8: Prologue (robots in space fall to earth)
- MM8: Duo awakens and leaves Dr. Light's lab
- MM8: Duo rescues Mega Man in front of Wily Tower
- MM8: Epilogue (Mega Man's recovery and Duo's thanks)


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Re: FMV musical rips?
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2007, 09:15:26 pm »
if i had to guess, i'd say the vocals are on the same tracks as the rest of the audio in the fmvs. :\