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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, but I've visited before a long time ago.

My question is about the 'Extended Versions' of X5 & X6 bg music. I'm not sure went did this site took down the MegaMan soundtracks (Including the X Series...), but I'm actually looking for these 2 in particular. What I mean by the Extended Version is that most of the tracks are around 5 to 6 minutes long (Ex: Blizzard Wolf's Stage is around 6 minutes long). Only this website I know of used to have these soundtracks. I'm actually looking for these soundtracks again because I've recently formatted my computer & lost everything I've saved. If anyone can provide or does know another site with the Extended Versions of X5 & X6, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


not sure if you can find them there or not. galbadia hotel stole a lot of my stuff previously so you might try there as well.

Gosh, that's terrible. I, as another fan of the X Series, am pissed about this sort of direction Capcom is going through. Anyways, how do you know Galbadia "stole" it from you? Unless you mean the forums, I'm gonna have to check around the forums. I'm not sure how this is "infringing", you just obviously extended certain tracks of X5 & X6, correct? 'Sides, other sites are still hosting it & yeah, I agree, it is ridiculous Capcom isn't much concerned about them except this site. Truly this is foolish. Lol, Capcom sure has alot of issues consisting of things that seems endless.....

to be honest i'm not totally certain the email was legit. did a pretty good job of faking it though if it wasn't. and anyway i'm not in much of a position to risk it. i figured like you that tph is very old and in some ways outdated and there are plenty of other places to get the music. by steal i just meant that i recorded a lot of that stuff myself, some of it 10+ years ago with very bad quality, and so it was quite obvious to me that the copies there were just taken from tph (i was also the first so it figures). actually at that time all the "theft" bothered me a little but now i'm really glad about it for obvious reasons.

if there's no rockman/mega man stuff on gh then it's likely they also got emailed. they promptly remove stuff from the main listing but leave the actual music up last time i checked. so if you "feel around" by incrementing the game id in the url or whatever you can probably find some stuff.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to do this or not, but here is my own rip of X5 and X6 from the PS2 version of the X Collection, the looping tracks being at least 5 minutes long in X5 and at least 6 minutes long in X6 (probably intentional on Capcom's part, haha). Oh, and pardon my peculiar way of listing track titles and my otherwise complete lack of additional info (composer, etc.)--feel free to modify the tags as you see fit. I also threw in some bonus tracks on X5 not used in the actual game, which I grabbed from the OST hosted on another Mega Man site. With all that out of the way, here's the download:

Also, every track in both rips are in stereo except for Virus Stage 2 in X5 (or as I like to call it "Sigma Virus Theme"), which curiously was only available in mono in the list of audio tracks extracted from the game disc itself. So if it sounds a teeny bit off compared to the other tracks, that's just how it came. I didn't find it particularly glaring, though, fortunately.

(Oh, and protoman--if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete this post.  :P)


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