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Back in 2000, when I started doing these Comix here on TPH, I used to just stay up til the crack of dawn cranking out pages for the stories I worked on.  Sometimes I'd sit through long periods of artists' block, trying to decide what I should draw next.  I've missed those days a lot lately, only because I knew back then, I was inspired to do something.  With school and everything, I haven't had the real will to draw anything in particular, or anything that had a purpose or something like that.  LoL  You'd think going to art school would do that, but no, it just totally zapped the inspiration outta me.  I was looking through my garage, and found my binder full of my work for TPH.  Everything from character designs to pages I never scanned were in there, and I always wondered how I could have done all of this stuff without ever penciling it out.  Last night, I grabbed a pen, sat down with a piece of paper, and drew.  Like it was five years ago, I stayed up til 6 in the morning trying to decide what to draw.  Well, I finally cranked out a little something, and it looks like this:

From Left To Right:
First Row:  Silver, Logbot, Nate, Rachey, Makou, Dan, Kekkan
Second Row:  Linzi, Dhagi, Tiamat, ZL, Drache, Skully
Third Row:  Roxy, Tigre, OverWing, Pyche

These are all important characters to me; I was given the chance to bring them to life in my comics, and I tried my best.  I know each one personally, but now, they all exist in nothing but IRC logs on my other computer.  I talk to some of them occasionally, but I do miss the old days, and the people who I spent them with.  I'm so happy that I had the chance to know all these people who supported me throughout the years I worked for TPH, because they were the REAL inspiration behind everything.  From story ideas to character designs, you guys made these Comix so special to me.  I love you guys, and even with some atrocities like the Bitch story, you guys stuck by me anyway.  I'd love to do some more work while I'm on this kick, so let's see how long this lasts.  Thank you all so much.  :)

5 years ago I wasn't here...The only peoples names I know from that list of names, would be Protoman's.

Maybe, in time I might end up in one of these drawings XD

But if I can say only one thing, it's that your good at what you do. And maybe that you might end up finding a few people to add to that list of people who are good friends to you.

...Oh...And...I SPOT A CATGIRL!!! =^-^= Or at least one I think to be.

*whistles* damn, you're a good drawer....

I too, am a big time newb to the whole TPH thing. I only joined when the forum opened up. I would be almost to the level of a crew member, if I could do Genesis song rips....

Maybe neothe0ne should be in that drawing. He contributes a bunch to the site.


sorry to hear your life is kind of being weird atm, ow. you know that the comics and i will always be here, if that helps at all.

as for the pic ... i think it's bad ass. i especially like how the girls are all around me and how you did skully and roxy and tigre and ... hell, all them people. you [still] have this talent for putting what we know about people into your art, making something a lot bigger than just a drawing in the process.

really got me thinking about all the things that i liked about the way things used to be. recently i've really been giving myself a hard time about who i used to be, and i guess this helped me remember something about me that history has been a little kinder toward.

OverWing i see new people too. i see a catgirl i see clest, lacus kary, origanal first girl. These are the people of TPH, right?


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