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Just my personal opinion but I think it would be good to revamp the megaman franchise and make some upgrades to bring it into the 21st century.

Besides Mega Man Zero, Battle Network, and those other dozen games they made in the last ten years?

Unless you mean the classic Mega Man games. But I doubt they'd go further than what they've been doing for MM9 and 10. Plus MM Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X didn't seem to do too well.

Thats what Im saying the new ones are eh, and unforgettable. They need to do something big

Well, there's an MMORPG in the works, and 2.5D platformer with a level creator and character customization option and the Megaman from the American box art for Megaman 2 is a playable character.

...Oh, Legends 3 has been announced for the upcoming Nintendo handheld; the 3DS.

I actually enjoyed the legend games, but Im thinking they need a whole new direction, to keep up with the halos and gears era, it would be different for mega man but im sure they could find a way to make it work. if they tried with the life like graphics and what not.


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