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I'm just curious...Is Overwing or anyone who helps with TPH and can do comics planning to do new comics? (Even though Overwing hasn't done TPH comics since 3 years ago...)

Pirate Cortez:
Da comics rule!

wow.... after 5 years you become chop liver. I guess there's not a high enough demand. I believe that's why I did it. And then i stopped cause the site went kaput.... twice..... i think....

yeah, everyone from the old times is pretty much gone now. that's why i think it would be weird to have new comix. i guess if people demand it, though ...

If it's any consolation... (spelling?), I did half finish that second comic I was working on. And since I liked the story i set up i wanted to finish it, but no word as to when. How old is it? Nate was still with One, if anyone knows who that was.


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