Quotable Clips!




Watch Out for Bambibambi.wavPROTOMAN: Watch out for Bambi!
It's Battle Time!battle.wavPROTOMAN: All right, it's battle time!
Playing Gamesgames.wavPROTOMAN: Soooo...he wants to play games, does he?!
Gratitude For Yagratitude.wavMEGA MAN: You're welcome! Boy, that's gratitude for ya...
Blow Your Mindmind.wavPROTOMAN: Yeah...we're gonna blow everybody's mind!
Mistrustmistrust.wavPROTOMAN: Hey, I'm doin' my best to go straight, and you still mistrust me?
Obey Wilyobey.wavPROTOMAN: You're right Dr. Wily, I'll obey you...when I want to.
Sibling Rivalryvs.wavPROTOMAN: Let's see how fancy your powers are against me, Mega Jerk!

MEGA MAN: I'm as good or better than you, Protoman!

PROTOMAN: We'll see about that!

Wicked Onewicked.wavPROTOMAN: It's a done deal, oh wicked one.
Collageworks.wavDR. WILY: Protoman to the rescue!

DR. LIGHT: Mega's too weak to beat Protoman!

DR. WILY: Oh, my...he's right!

PROTOMAN: Works for me!