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Damn Nostalgia...

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Makin' me come back to/attempt to recreate shit from the past.

...Aaaannnndddd Ima go look back at all my posts here because I'm fucking nostalgic...again.

Isn't that fun.

No, no it isn't. I'm bombarded with conflicting opinions about how I was still kinda new to internet communities four years back and had only learned 30-40 of the hundreds of internet laws and thus feel like a boob about some of my older posts, yet I relish the awesome moments I had and wide eyed wonder I used to view the internet with before I experienced my share of drama, some of it complete bullshit and some of it legit.

My nostalgia reminds of some good times, but also the multitude of people(at least I'm assuming they were all people) that I am no longer capable of interacting with due to them frequenting internet communities I have never heard of or not being active in any communities online. I miss the now dead forums I used to post at, and the dead sites. When I really get nostalgic I remember the sites I used to view when I was in Junior High. I also get all serious and post about how my nostalgia makes me feel.

Fucking twitter, myspace, livejournal and facebook replacing forums. Fucking brats that think they're the shit taking over the internet and flipping out when their opinions are challenged and instead of defending them in an intelligent manner, they just reword the post so it looks a bit different but really isn't.

Lazlo Falconi:
I know exactly how you feel, for the past couple years I've been looking for a somewhat active forum I could go to, but it seems all forums these days are dead, or at least the ones I can find.

I don't seem to remember how I used to find forums, because I can't do it anymore. Maybe it's just because I no longer have any interests or online friends, but I often find myself going back to forums I know are dead, just because I can't find anything else to occupy my online time.

I see you have a new board, not many posters though. I'll join if you want, though I won't promise I'll drive any traffic (In fact, I can pretty much promise I won't). I could understand if you didn't want me to, though, with my history with EN.

Yeah, it was in limbo for a year before I decided to make another attempt at get it going...then I lost interest again. I'll probably make another attempt in half a year or so. Go ahead and join if you want, I'm not gonna stop you.

Heh, EN. I think it finally died off completely. The funny thing is, now that it's been dead for a while I don't seem to care about it all that much. Sure, there were some awesome people and I'd join another community if they started one, I honestly don't care that it died. There was no new activity and I joined the most recent, now dead incarnation knowing it wouldn't last/be a shell of what CJF and EW were before the merge and what EN was for a brief time after the merge.

Though, if the Trinity of Evil and/or Megaman the Legend forums came back in some form nothing would keep me joining and actually being active instead of doing what I've been doing for about two years; popping in to play janitor for a dying community.


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