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About TPH


Nate created The Protoman Homepage in July of 1996. Since then he has seen it grow from one page residing in a 1MB ISP personal directory to a multigig monstrosity housed on its own server (more on that below). Nate runs the Music and Cartoons sections.

OverWing joined TPH on September 10, 2000. He drew Comix based on TPH's former IRC channel, #phc. He also served as an operator in that channel. OverWing created most of what you see in the Comix section.

Let's play 'Where's TPH Server!'

TPH Server

TPH comes to you from a 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron box with 512 MB of memory and a 60 GB, 7200 RPM hard disk. The server is hosted by EV1Servers.net and runs Red Hat Linux. I use Apache for serving the Web pages, proftpd for an FTP server and the open source Darwin Streaming Server to stream the Cartoons in MPEG4 format.

Previous Servers included a Power Mac G3, a heavily upgraded Power Mac 9500 and a grape iMac.


You can discuss TPH and other topics in the Forum. Just keep in mind that I do not attempt to censor what people say there, so you should make sure you are not easily offended by foul language or content before going in there.

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